Hello everyone and happy Mother's Day. As this is a very special holiday the family at Outdoor Solar Store would like to say to every mother out there a special Thank You!

Even though it is very early in the year, we know that our customers love to be very prepared. With that being said we are here today to talk about our brand new Premium LED Solar Christmas Lights With a Remote. Coming in both Warm White and Multi-Color, these top-of-the-line solar lights are a MUST HAVE. This gives you the option to have a softer setting and mood with the warm white lights, or bring some excitement, happiness, and joy to your home with the multicolor lights. The 80 Lumen 3rd generation Christmas lights come with two different size options of either 100 (50 ft) or 200 (73 ft) lights. 



The remote has so many great features with the option to select 8 different lighting modes as well as a timer for when you want them to only run for a specified period of time.

For a shocking price of $35, you can be ready for this year's holiday season and buy our newest and best Christmas lights. We understand that this is a very early time to begin to sell them however this is a deal that is hard to beat. We are looking forward to all the happy customers who make this purchase and a happy early holiday season to everyone!

new solar Christmas lightsmulti color solar Christmas lights


- Hayden S

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