Hello everybody! I hope you all are enjoying the early spring season as much as we are. One reason we are so excited about it is because of our new product we are announcing. Today we are presenting the Premium Solar Bollard Multi-Color LED's. We are so excited to offer this to all of our very happy and friendly customers.

Coming in with all the different colors you can choose any different color for every special occasion

Recommended color schemes:

  • Pink = Easter
  • Green = St. Patrick's Day
  • Green& Red = Christmas season
  • Red, White, & Blue = 4th of July
  • Sports teams colors 

This top of the line Bollard LED light is so incredible and has so many incredible features. Some include a commercial grade timer built in, a remote control to help select the color of your choice, and 250 lumens to shine bright no matter where you place this great product. We recommend that any pathways, decks, docks, driveways, or any resorts. The flexibility that this product offers as well as the quality cast aluminum construction shows that this is the best bollard light out in the market. Take a look at what could be your next best purchase at our store and leave a review with how happy you are with this incredible NEW product.

- Hayden S

new bollard multicolor light new bollard pathway light at night

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