Solar Lamp Post Light Installation Options

There are two easy options for installing your solar lamp post lights. Either mounting into concrete with the included bolts. Or mounting directly into the ground with the optional anchor kit.

Option 1: Concrete Mount

You can mount any of our lamp posts directly into concrete with the provided anchor bolts. If you would like to put the lamp in a grassy area, please see the easy ground anchor below, or you can create a concrete footing for the unit with some quick-setting cement. Concrete footings should be at least 12" in diameter and 1 - 3' deep.

Option 2: Easy Ground Anchor Mount

Instructions for Mounting using the optional anchor kit.

Step 1 – Set Your Anchor
Start your anchor in the ground by sliding the cross bar through the top hole. Push down and twist the first few turns to start the anchor. After a few turns, put the anchor base on and continue twisting into the ground. The anchor base contains a level on the top so you can insure you maintain level as anchor further into the ground.

Step 2 – Install Wing Nut and Supplemental Anchors
Once you have the base installed and level, insert the cross screw and wing nut, then drive the three provided supplemental anchors can be driven into the ground for extra stability. We recommend a rubber mallet, or you can use a hammer.

Step 3 – Place Lamp Post on Anchor Base and Enjoy!
Now all you need to do is place the lamp post on the base, tighten the three included screws and your done!

The Easy Ground Anchor is available for $79.00

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