Hello everyone and happy almost summer solstice. As we approach what is looking like a very warm summer, we are here today to talk about a very good summer purchase for you. I am here to talk about the 140 Watt Dual Solar Flood Light. This product is so incredible and is top of the line for any and all flood lights out there. Coming with so many incredible features such as a strong running time of 11-13 hours, 1400 lumens of total brightness, and a 6.6ah x2 rechargeable battery.

As this is not only a summer product you can place this anywhere around your home for the year round brightness that you are looking for. Some of our most common uses for this product include flood lights, billboard lights, accent lights, house arena lights, and building security lights. You are not limited to this list, however this is where we have found most of our happy and satisfied customers have placed them. Feel free to check yours out here!


dual flood light


This product would look great nearly everywhere and they fit perfectly in this Conex Container. One very cool thing about Conex Containers is that they were originally developed by the US military in order to transport supplies during the Korean war. They were used very effectively and could have used our lights during this time, yet they made due with the supplies and equipment they had back then.

As we dont want you to settle, go by the OutdoorSolarStore and pick out your Dual Flood Light today!

conex container with light conex container with flood light


- Hayden S.

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