Warm Solar Christmas Lights

This week’s feature blog post, we will be looking at our solar Christmas lights. As it is still not wintertime and snow are not around, this doesn’t mean that you cannot decorate your place. With very rough times going on in the world one big movement we have found you can show your support for the front-line workers. The blue lights that illuminate the night sky show respect for everyone who is risking their life to help stop the virus.

One of our Customers Nick G was able to set up his warm solar Christmas string lights along his beautiful downtown Denver balcony. He has been enjoying them a lot and this to say about the product.

“This is the second time I've used these lights and I have to say, they look even better than before. I had a set of these lights at my old apartment and they looked great and lasted a long time. For the new place however, I wanted new lights and they turned out much better than I expected. These lights are high quality, they last through the night and the warm white feel is exactly what I wanted.”


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