Hi everyone, I am here today to talk about one of the coolest gadgets that our website offers. Whether you are a customer or an owner of a store, everyone is free to use this great tool. I am talking about the Solar Light - Cost Savings Calculator. This is a very handy addition where you can compare the lights that you are currently using with any solar light, in which the results show you how much money you are capable of saving. 

As a customer who is looking to renovate and add new solar products to your home innovations, this calculator will guide you in the right direction. As you find what specific lightbulbs you are using you will plug in all of the required information, review your results, then pursue our products on our website. As we have many different types of solar lights, we can nearly guarantee that we will have the right match for you.

As an owner of another business or website, we are offering a very special deal where we provide the code to this calculator so you can use it for your own viewers and customers. You can customize the color and review the coding to help it best fit into your website. This can help all of your customers understand what opportunities they can gain from using solar lights compared to lights they were previously using.

With this calculator, this gives every individual who uses it the ability to feel more comfortable and confident when shopping for solar-powered lights. This is a great service to help each and every one of us make the change to a greener and cleaner use of energy.

Solar Lights by OutdoorSolarStore.com


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