Here we are back at it with another incredible product and customer review for our very own Aluminum Solar Pathway Light - 2 pack. These lights are so powerful that they can illuminate any sidewalk, driveway, or pathway that you need. With 3.2 volts and 65 Lumen, you can’t even imagine how bright these pathway lights get. As these lights come in packs of 2, you can order 2 packs to get 6% discount or 5 packs to get a 10% discount. Thats not it, as there is FREE shipping with this purchase as well as a chance same day shipping on orders placed before 3pm (certain locations may cause a longer shipping time). 

Don’t just take my word for this, take Samuel D, who comes from all the way across the country the east coast in New Jersey. Samuel shows us what great lighting and positioning you can have when you purchase theses for a pathway like his in the backyard of his house. Some other great locations for this product include, driveways, sidewalks, or any heavily trafficked area. The dual light temperature function has a  light temperature switch to better meet your needs and light color preference. This product is so cool and one of our most popular. You can be the next satisfied customer when you buy yours TODAY!

adjusted pathway lights


solar pathway light


- Hayden S

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