Today we take a look one of my personal favorite products, the Flybird 50 Watt Solar Street Light.  This product is so incredible as it is so good for almost any locations and is best for commercial locations. You can use them to light up any street side parking, on top of any tall pole or flagpole, and is always great alongside any roadways.

Whether you are worried about a power outage or the battery, you can know that you will be happy with our cutting edge LiFePO4 battery technology. This battery powers 6500k LED lights, and puts out a whopping 3000 lumen of bright and beautiful illumination. 

We take a look at one of our very satisfied customers, Bill H, and how he has used these lights, we want to show our appreciation. Take a look at all the great locations that Bill places his Flybird solar lights. Bill has been such a great customer of ours and we thank you for that. Check out the same lights that bill uses to get the best illumination you are looking for.

- Hayden S

Flybird roadside


clubhouse parking lot

parking lot with flybirds

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