Premium Multi-Color LEDs Solar Christmas lights with Remote

Premium Multi-Color LEDs Solar Christmas lights with Remote

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3rd Generation multi-color LEDs Solar Christmas String Lights with Remote control 

These new generation multi-color LED solar Christmas lights are the best solar powered lights we have had yet. These lights are bigger, brighter, and look very beautiful especially around the holiday season.

These Next Generation solar lights come with a 6' ft of a lead line between the solar panel, and the lights. 

The remote controls 8 lighting modes to create the atmosphere by changing brightness level and mode. Remote also feature timer function. 

The warm white color has a softer more traditional look to it, which gives you the winter feel that you are looking for in Christmas lights. These lights come in 2 different sizes: 100, 200 LED lights. 


  • Large, Bright Bulbs
  • Brightness: 80 Lumens
  • Increase in cord thickness and strength
  • Remote Control with 8 light modes
  • String Sizes: 100LED (40ft), 200LED (73ft)
  • 90 Day Manufacturer Warranty 

premium solar Christmas light


  • House, Bush and Tree Decorations
  • Mailbox Christmas Lights
  • Fence Christmas Lights