Troubleshooting Solar Lights: Tips for Smooth Operation

Many property owners have found savings by relying on energy-efficient and environmentally friendly technologies like solar lights. However, like other devices, they can experience issues from time to time. This blog will cover some tips for troubleshooting solar lights so that you can enjoy a smooth operation and get back to illuminating your property at night.

Ensure You Haven't Put the Lights in the Shade

One of the most common reasons solar lights fail to work efficiently is that they’re in a shaded area. When installing your solar lights, avoid placing them under trees, shrubs, or other structures that might block sunlight. Similarly, remember that the sun's angle changes seasonally, so reassess their location occasionally to ensure optimal exposure.

Check if the Solar Panel Is Dirty

Looking to see if the solar panel is dirty is another good tip for troubleshooting solar lights for smooth operation. Over time, grime can build up on the solar panels, affecting their ability to absorb energy from the sun.

To solve this issue, gently wipe off the solar panel. It’s a good idea to clean your solar panels every few months to enhance your lights’ performance.

Determine if You Need a New Battery

The rechargeable batteries in your solar lights can wear out over time. If your solar lights have stopped working or don’t hold a charge for long, you might need to replace them with new ones. After you’ve determined the battery is the issue, be sure to dispose of the old ones responsibly and follow local guidelines for proper battery disposal.

Reset Your Device

Sometimes your solar light may need a “hard reset” to get it back up and running if the wind or someone accidentally pushed it over. In this case, do what you would do with your computer or your cell phone—turn it off and on so that it can get back to shining bright and lighting up your lawn.

See if They’re Too Close to Other Lights

Another reason solar lights might not be working efficiently is that you’ve placed them too close to other light sources, such as streetlights or your home’s exterior lights. This can confuse the solar light's sensor and prevent it from turning on at the right time. Try repositioning your solar lights away from other light sources to fix this issue.

By following these tips, you can ensure that your solar lights operate as needed. If you want to buy solar pathway lighting products to help you illuminate your property while reducing pollution and energy costs, contact Outdoor Solar Store today. Our lights offer you high performance while requiring minimal maintenance.

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