I am here today to not only talk about this beautiful service and ceremony, but also thank Shelby County for allowing us to share this moment with them. This here is the memorial service for the Shelby County District Attorney's Homicide Victims. The county had an incredible service and decided to use our warm white solar rope lights to help honor the victims. They surrounded both their sign as well as their remembrance tree with these beautiful lights. Not only to help illuminate this beautiful memorial, but also shine as bright as the victims will in the memories of their loved ones and the Shelby County Community.

We truly appreciate Shelby County for allowing us to post this and we would like to not only remind everyone to stay safe and healthy, but also have a happy holidays! As these are very troubling times in the world, let this be a reminder that each and everyday, we should try to enjoy the little things and find the bright shining light with anything we do. The Outdoor Solar Store Family wishes everyone a happy holidays, a happy end of the year, and good luck to everyone who has been affected by the issues that occurred this year!


Homicide victims memorial

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