I am very excited to be here today to talk about our new Premium 2nd Generation Solar Powered Christmas Lights. These new solar lights come in both the multi-color and warm white allowing you to purchase whichever style you would like to decorate your house with. Each of these products come in 3 different variants and sizes and light count; 50, 100, 200. This allows you to make sure that you have the right amount of string and enough lights to fit your home best. 

Premium solar christmas lights multi-colorPremium solar christmas lights warm white

Comparing the Premium 2nd generation lights to the previous lights we had last year, here are only a few of the new additions we have:


  • 3 more string sizes & light bulb count
  • Larger, brighter, and longer lasting bulbs
  • Increase in cord thickness and strength
  • Upgraded solar panel and battery
  • Longer lead line connecting the panel to the lights


These newer and better solar powered Christmas string lights are worth the extra few dollars to get those few extra smiles, lights, and overall happiness when you make your purchase today!

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