Solar Robotic Pool Cleaner

Solar Robotic Pool Cleaner

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Product Description 

Are you tired of constantly skimming your pool before you can swim in it?  With the Solar Robotic Pool Cleaner, you never have to worry about skimming your pool again!  It works by automatically cleaning your pool while you're away, a rear paddle propels the unit forward while a front paddle scoops the debris into an easily removable tray that's made from an ultra-fine nylon mesh that prevents 90-95% of the debris from re-entering your pool. 

The Solar Robotic Pool Cleaner also features an easy access built in chemical dispenser for sanitizing the pool water as it cleans the debris and the power bumper wheels on each corner redirect the unit when it contacts the pool wall, insuring constant, hands-free cleaning 24/7. The Solar Robotic Pool cleaner also uses the latest in intelligent software and learning AI which are used to give your pool the best skimming possible.  You can literally set the unit in your pool and let it do all the work for you! 

Product Specifications 

  • Model Number: NX2
  • Magnetic On/Off 
  • Battery: Waterproof 5300 mAh Lithium Ion 
  • Control System: Waterproof Circuit Board & Firmware
  • Solar Panel: 12 Watt Mono-Crystalline Solar Cell
  • Propulsion: Brushless DC Electric Motors
  • Measurements : 26" x 23" x 9"
  • 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty 

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