Solar Sonic Bird Repeller

Solar Sonic Bird Repeller

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Solar Powered Sonic Bird Repeller

Easily repel unwanted birds from your porch, patio, garden, backyard, roof or any other large open area, with the solar powered sonic bird repeller.  By playing actual distress and predator calls on an ultrasonic level not audible to the human ear, the solar-powered sonic bird repeller leverages nature to ward off 22 different types of birds from any chosen area. 


  • Model Number: UR58
  • Ultrasonic (not audible to humans) 
  • Weatherproof Case
  • Repels 22 Types of Birds 
  • 65-105 Db 
  • 10 Minute Intervals 
  • 1X Solar Panel 
  • 1X Weatherproof Unit