Solar Attic Fan Controller

Solar Attic Fan Controller

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Select: SC12 for 10 & 12 watt fans.
Select: SC20 for 15, 20, & 30 watt fans.

You can now run your solar attic fan after the sun goes down! 

Using this Solar Controller you can use your house’s electricity for 8 minute intervals every half hour to continue to remove the hot air that has built up during the day.  The remote control that comes with the Solar Controller is a wealth of information. 

You are able to see the temperature and humidity of your attic, you can see if your fan is running, and if it is running on solar power or electricity.  Since electricity is only used at night, the estimated electricity cost is less than $5 a year.

There is an optional temperature sensor on the back of the remote that will turn the fan on over 80 degrees and turn the fan off below 77 degrees.  If you would like the attic vented year round, just turn the sensor off on the back of the remote.  

There is a built in humidistat that will turn the fan off below 65% relative humidity and on above 75% relative humidity.  Control of humidity and condensation in the attic will help to prevent mold and mildew.



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