Pine Top Solar Address Sign

Pine Top Solar Address Sign

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Pine Top Double Sided Solar Address Light 

Display your address out in your yard with this Pine Top Solar Address Light!

This is an easy and green way to light up your house numbers. These big numbers are visible over 100 feet in the daylight or at night. This solar address light features 3 LED lights for the brightest illumination.

This light is super easy to install and maintain. There are no wires, just insert the two stakes into ground and you're ready to go! The light automatically turns on at sun set and turns off during the day. This solar light includes a sets of numbers and letters, along with all necessary batteries.  Add some curb appeal to your home with our solar address signs! 


  • Model: 508-0011
  • Total Lumen: 20
  • Total LED Lights: 3
  • Power Source: Mono-Crystalline Solar Cell
  • Light Duration: Up to 12 hours
  • Measurements : 20" x 13"
  • 3X Numbers Set 0-9 
  • 1X Letters Set N,S,E,W (North, South, East, West)

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