I am so excited to talk to everyone today about not only one of our most popular and customer favorite products, but a great attachment as well. I am here to talk about the Professional Solar Flag Light. This flag light has had nothing-but great reviews from all of our happy and satisfied customers. The sleek design allows you to not have to worry about any bulky looking lights surrounding your flagpole. This new professional grade solar flag pole light is 2x brighter than any flag pole light we've seen! With the 12 high-output LED lights you can see that no matter how dark it is, your flags will always be illuminated bright and beautifully in the sky.

This light has so many great attributes to it such as its long lasting run time of about 10-12 hours on average, 40,000 total hours within this products lifetime, and the easy clamp on mounting to any and all flagpoles. You can find every and all flagpoles that you would be looking for at LibertyFlagpoles.com. You will be so excited when you have the opportunity to purchase this incredible product.

One of our happiest customers wanted to tell us all about it. He sent us his pictures both during the daytime and nighttime. Our customer James, from Bloomington, Indiana stated "DON'T IT LOOK GREAT" after sending us his pictures of his beautiful flagpole and Professional Solar Flag Light fully illuminated. You can be just as happy as James when you purchase yours here!

20' flagpole in backyard without plant Flagpole at night with solar flagpole light 

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