I am so excited as today we get to talk about one of our favorite and most popular lights, the Solar Imperial II Pole Mount Lamp. As we have found how powerful and useful this product is, we have upgraded run times up to 72 hours on low and 36 hours on high, giving you the maximum amount of light needed.

Don’t just take our word from it, take Nancy B who purchased her second solar lamp. Nancy tells us” We have a very long driveway that was completely dark at night. I did a lot of research looking for a solar light and this fixture was by far the best for our needs. This was our second Solar Imperial light, and we will probably get a third” She placed her Solar Imperial lights on her driveway near a beautiful looking boulder, so any time herself or any visitors park in the driveway, they can clearly see the object and avoid it. 

This Solar Imperial II Pole Mount Lamp comes with lots of features such as FREE shipping, a 2-year warranty, and a weatherproof cast-aluminum coding for any location you want to install these lamps at. Go check it out today and head over to our Solar Lamps page!


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