15 Watt Solar Gable Fan

15 Watt Solar Gable Fan

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All Purpose Professional Grade Solar Gable Fan

This is newest and best attic fan from US Sunlight. The all purpose ventilator will help reduce heat build-up in the attic during the summer and remove damaging moisture in the winter.

The solar powered gable fan is very easy to install and does not require you to cut into your roof tiles. The simple design allows you to circulate air flow from your gable, crawlspace, or static vents. This solution is perfect for tile, concrete or metal roofs.

Use a single fan to ventilate up to 1900 square feet. This product can be easily installed by any electrician or roofer.

 Product Specifications

Service Area
Fan Blade 14"
Panel 14" x 17"
1,900 sq. Feet
- 20 Year Housing
- 20 Year Panel
- 5 Year Motor
- Fan
- 30' Panel Cord
- Solar Panel
- Mounting Hardware

 Download cut sheet (PDF)

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does this solar attic fan have an additional battery source?
No, all solar attic fans use the sunlight to directly power the motor. For additional run time, consider the solar attic fan controller, which turns the solar attic fan into a hybrid fan that can use house electricity to run when sunlight is not available.

What is the cost of installing this attic fan?
Most installations will cost about $150. This fan can be installed by any handyman in approximately one hour.

Will this fan work simultaneously with the ridge vent in my roof?
Yes, while your ridge vent helps heat escape, active ventilation will pull hot air out of your attic a full air exchange approximately every 8 minutes.

How loud is this attic fan?
This attic fan is not loud at all. We installed one in our own home and could not even tell it was running, even when we were in the attic.