12 Watt Solar Attic Fan

12 Watt Solar Attic Fan

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12 Watt Solar-Powered Attic Fan

The 12 watt solar attic fan by U.S. Solar provides up to 25% more power than other fans resulting in better air circulation in your attic. The advanced design provides optimal attic ventilation

A single fan can ventilate up to 1,350 square feet of attic space and reduce the energy required to keep your home’s interior cool in the summer. Running the fan all year can also help remove harmful moisture from your attic reducing the potential build-up of mold and mildew in your attic.

Summer and Winter Benefits of Solar Attic Ventilation

Summer and Winter Attic Fan benefits

All of our attic fans now include a free thermal switch!

Product Features

  • 20 Gauge steel housing & flashing stands up to high winds, hail, rain and snow
  • Whisper quiet 12" fan blade
  • 12 Watt solar panel that tilts and swivels for optimal positioning
  • 20 Year warranty
  • Professional installation available in most areas

Attic Fan Overview Video

Fan Specifications

  • Fan Blade: 12"
  • Service Area: 1,350 Square Feet
  • Warranty: 20 Year Housing & Panel - 5 Year Motor
  • Thermal Switch Included

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the features of the thermal switch?
The thermal switch automatically turns the fan on when the attic reaches 80 degrees and shuts off when the temperatures reaches 65 degrees. It also prolongs the life of the motor.

Can this attic fan be installed on my flat roof?
It is not recommended because a curb would need to be built for it.

Does this solar attic fan run at night?
No, the fan will only run when there is direct sunlight. If you would like the fan to also run throughout the night, consider the solar attic fan controller, which turns the solar attic fan into a hybrid fan that can also use house power as a backup source.

What is the typical installation cost for this attic fan?
Most installations will run about $125-$175. Our fans can be installed by any roofer in about 1 hour.

I already have a ridge vent, will this fan be effective?
Yes, while static ridge vents are great at helping heat escape your home, active ventilation such as our solar fans will pull air out of your attic giving you a full air exchange about every 8 minutes.

What is the noise factor?
They are whisper quiet. We installed one in our house and you can't tell its spinning, even when you're in the attic unless you are looking at it.

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