Warm White Battery Power Christmas Lights

Warm White Battery Power Christmas Lights

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Warm White Battery Powered Christmas String Lights

You can decorate with lights in places with no electricity, and where you do not have optimal sunlight for solar lights! New battery powered string lights are very versatile and will light up your yard!

All Strings feature a 12 inch lead line to place your battery box.

These lights use four AA batteries for the 50 light strings, and 3 D batteries for the 100 and 200 light strings. The batteries are not included.  These lights have a 6 hour timer. Just turn the lights on at the desired time, and they will continue to come on at that time every night for 6 hours.  A button on the back allows you to choose between 8 different functions (solid or different flashing patterns).


  • No Extension Cords Needed 
  • Automatic On/Off Functionality 
  • 8 Hours Operating Time 
  • Solid & Blinking Operating Modes
  • String Sizes: 50 (Light Count)
  • 90 Day Manufacturer Warranty 

Perfect For:

  • Patio String Lights 
  • Mailbox Christmas Lights
  • Fence Xmas Lights

String Lengths & Light Counts

Light Count String Length Light Spacing
50 17' 4"
100 33' 4"
200 66' 4"


Frequently Asked Questions:

Is there an on/off switch for these lights?
Yes, when you turn them on, they will come on at the same time each night until you change it.

Can multiple strings be connected to each other?
No. Each string has it's own battery box.

How long will the batteries last?
The batteries will last 4-6 weeks.

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