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Solar Shed Light III

Solar Shed Light
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MSRP: $119.99
Price: $99.00

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Light My Shed 3 Solar Shed Light

Light up your favorite Shed, Garage, or Barn with the new LED Light my Shed 3 by Gamma Sonic!

This is a convenient and easy-to-install shed light. Featuring the latest LED technology our shed light is the brightest, longest lasting light on the market.

This light has 48 LEDs and features a High/Low setting. On the high setting, the light uses all 48 LEDs, and will last for one hour. It will last two hours on the low setting, that only uses 24 LEDs. This light is completely maintenance free and gives you plenty of time to get your work done and get back to the house! It also features a built-in night light to help you find the switch easily.

The top of the solar panel has a convenient compass to help you setup the panel for maximum sun exposure. The panel also has a 10' extension cord so you can mount it wherever you'd like and put the light in the best possible position inside your shed.

Product Specifications

Light Type
Depth: 7"
Length: 23.25"
48 White LED
2 Year MFG
- Solar Panel
- Light
- NiMh Battery


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Customer Reviews

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Shed Light
Lisa (Portland) 6/4/2009 9:53 PM
This is a very handy light. I consider it pretty expensive, but I didn't have to run wiring to my shed and this is a great alternative. I can see what is in there now!
Better than the first 'light my shed'
William (St. Louis) 6/3/2009 3:30 PM
I've purchased both the first version of this light as well as this one (Light My Shed 2). This one is just as bright as the first, but lasts much longer and feels like it's a better quality construction. The first one lasted me 3 years of pretty heavy use, though it burned out after an hour. This one seems to be more efficient.
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