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Round Solar Lantern Solar Light Set- 2 Pack

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Brinkmann Kettle Lantern Solar Accent Lights - 2 Light Set

These beautiful garden lights are specially designed and can be used as a stake light, table lantern, or a hanging lantern. These solar lantern lights use LED lights for extended light times. The globe is 5" by 7". Assembled, they are 24 inches tall.

These solar garden lights are low maintenance, they do not need to be wired, and turn on and off by themselves! These solar garden lights feature a frosted bubble glass with a steel finish. 90 day warranty.

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Nice Touch - Be Sure to Leave Them in a Lighted Area
J (CA) 6/17/2009 2:38 PM
They are nice lights, but be sure to stake them down in an area of your yard that gets plenty of sun. We have a pretty big back yard but the area around our deck is in the shade during the mid afternoon (thankfully). We had them next to our deck and they didn't light for more than a couple of hours. Now I have them anchored further out and I just take the lanterns off the hangers and put them on our patio table when we go outside. They work a lot better!
Love These
sarah (San Diego) 4/22/2009 10:47 AM
These lights are very good. They put out good light and they are very different than most I have seen.
Great lamps
Jimmy (jackson, mississippi) 3/24/2009 4:21 PM
These lamps are good for dressing up your yard when you aren't able to run the wires. They don't put out as much light as the electric ones, but I think they are good enough for as easy as they are to install.
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