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Professional Solar Flag Light

Professional Grade Solar Flag Light
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MSRP: $169.99
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Professional Grade Solar Flag Light

solar flag light
Our new professional grade solar flag pole light is 2x brighter than any flag pole light we've seen! The new light also fits bigger poles:
1" - 4" diameter poles.

This new light offers more power and staying ability with a larger solar panel and higher output.

The solar panel is a high performing poly crystalline, which provides charge ability even on overcast days.

The 12 high-output LED lights are rated for 20,000 - 40,000 hours of operation (10 - 15 years).

This light will run 10-12 hours depending on conditions.


**Includes all mounting hardware and batteries.

Warranty Information:
LED Lights: 3 years
Solar Panel: 1 year
Battery: 90 days


Frequently Asked Questions

Will the professional solar flag light work on a telescoping flagpole?
Yes. Because they clamp to the pole itself, you will not have to bring the flag down as far as you would have to without the light. It will mount without a problem and we have sold to many satisfied customers who use telescoping flagpoles.

Does this product automatically turn on and off?
Yes, this light will come on automatically at dusk and turn off when the sun comes back up.

What are the dimensions of the solar panel?
8" x 7".

How close should the light be to the flag?
You need to hang the light within 5 to 10 feet of the flag.

Can I use this on a large commercial flagpole?
Yes, this is easy to do. The light attaches to the pole with stainless steel hose clamps. You can get extenders, or longer hose clamps as needed at any local hardware store.

How can I tell if the light is in the On or Off Position?
This light has an On/Off switch with a Line and a Circle. When the Line is depressed into the panel, it is in the On position. When the Circle is depressed into the panel, it is in the Off position. The light charges in the On position.

Customer Reviews

(532 Ratings, 7 Reviews) Average Rating:
Wonderful Product
Kara (Washington State) 7/18/2016 7:26 AM
I ordered this for my husband for Father's Day. When he hooked it up it did not work. I was thinking oh great this is going to be a hassle to deal with. To my surprise the company was EASY to work with. GREAT and FAST customer service! They immediately sent out a new panel and I was very impressed with the quick email response as well. This light works GREAT. Lights up our flag BEAUTIFULLY. Buy with confidence. I never do reviews as way too busy to take the time. I wanted to do a review on this though as I was just really impressed by their service and quality of product.
Flag light is bright but not what I expected
Darla (Tucson) 3/9/2015 5:16 PM
A bright light (not as bright as I expected but works well enough). But the mounting on the flag pole uses hose clamps. I won't put them on my flag pole as I think they look cheap. For the money I really expected a much better product! ***STORE RESPONSE*** Hi Darla, thank you for your feedback. The stainless steel hose clamps are designed to be both weather resistant and match the look of most flag poles. These also make it easy to mount to about any size pole. We are happy to hear that the light is working well for you.
Joe C (Garrison NY) 7/17/2013 5:26 AM
This is the brightest solar powered light I have found for my American Flag. The light Charges even on a cloudy day. I bought two, one for the house and one for my Motorhome. On my Motorhome I mounted it on the roof rack to light up my flag on a 25" pole.
john jacob (Niwot Co) 8/28/2012 5:17 AM
We bought this and it seem to work good, it runs at full power all night. We are really happy with it. Will see how long it last otherwise. note. We have a flagpole and flag that was made in the USA. and a light that is made in China. Go figure.
Love this Light
Cynthia (Texas) 8/22/2011 10:26 AM
We bought this light for our flag this past spring, and I wish we had bought it years ago. Now we can fly our flag day and night without having to take it down. The light is plenty bright enough for our house-mounted flag. We are about to put in an in-ground flagpole, and the light will be strong enough if I mount it further up the flagpole. This is actually what the manufacturer intended, and since there are no wires, it will be a snap to install. So far the light has not required any maintenance, and the directions are easy to follow. We love this light!
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