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Imperial Solar Lamp

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Part Number: GS-97A
MSRP: $199.99
Price: $199.00

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Imperial Solar Lamp Post Light

The new imperial solar lamp post light is the brightest, most efficient solar lamp post replacement on the market! The new lithium ion battery and larger top solar panel allow the light to charge even on cloudy days.

This light also has a high / low setting that will let you choose between a brighter light and longer operation. Those in the Northwest may get better performance out of the low setting. Even on low this light is beautiful and puts out an excellent glow in the evenings.

The new Imperial Lamp Post lights by Gama Sonic have been featured as an exclusive offer.


imperial specifications
Light & Battery
Height: 16"
Width: 10.5"
(8) 10MM LED's
(1) Li-Ion 3.2V
2 Year MFG
- Light
- Battery
- Mounting Screws

Brightness = 55 Watt High | 35 Watt Low Equivalent

Optional Flat Mount Base Measures 5.75" x 5.75"

Frequently Asked Questions:

How Bright is this solar light?
The light has a high and low setting. In the high setting it is about as bright as a 45 watt light bulb. In the low setting it is comparable to a 30 watt bulb.

How Long with the light shine in the evenings?
On a full charge you can expect 8-9 hours on the high setting or 10-12 hours on the low setting.

Are extra battery packs available for sale?
Yes, battery packs are available for $25+shipping. The battery pack that comes with the lamp should last about 3 years.

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Customer Reviews

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Very pleased with this light
DonS (North Georgia) 1/27/2013 9:49 AM
Bought this model of Gamasonic to replace a light at end of our driveway that was throwing the GFI switch in my garage when we got a lot of blowing rain. Electrician couldn't determine if it was the 15 year old light shorting out, the buried cable leading from lightpost to the house or some other issue. So instead of paying $800 or more for new light and installation (including retrenching) I researched a solar option and decided on this particular model for several reasons, 1) it had one of the higher brightness ratings of all the ones I looked at, 2) from some online reviews it seemed to stay lit longer, and 3) had space for a 2nd rechargable battery. Have had this light now for almost 2 months, I originally set it on low and the light stays lit all night (13 hours here in north GA during the winter); in fact, with a full charge it will produce light for 3 nights straight without further charging when its raining/no sun. By the end of the 3d night the LED's will be quite dim, producing very little light. What I have been impressed with most, however, is that even under the most cloudy conditions i.e. rain and absolutely no sun (and we have been having a lot of those lately where we live), it will get enough of a charge from just the daylight to stay lit for approx. 4 hours. Just recently I turned the light on high and the light still stays bright all night. It doesn't produce a lot more light on high setting, in fact, the difference is hardly noticable to most people, but it is a tad brighter. Have no idea about battery life, supposedly they will last anywhere from 1 to 3 years. If I can get 18 months out of it, I will be happy. Bottom line: Am extremly happy with the light so far and would recommend for anyone who needs additional light, fully recognizing it will not be as bright as say a 60W bulb but for my purpose, i.e. a light at the end of my driveway, its a good choice. Plus, no bulbs to change and no electricity used.
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